Different Types of Granite Countertops

The Different Kinds Of Stone And Granite Countertops.

If you search for “granite countertops dallas”  Natural and manufactured or engineered stone is the most popular material used in kitchen countertops. Granite which is the most favorite material is now seeing increased competition from manufactured quartz. Some of the less familiar natural stone surfaces such as limestone and soapstone are also now being used. Exotic varieties of natural granite and marble are also being used.

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Granite has become more and more popular because of the fact that it is bulletproof and also because it is associated with luxury high-end kitchens. Their prices have stabilized because of their increased availability especially from South America and China.

Granite should be cut and polished and then impregnated using a sealant to reduce its porosity and enable it to resist staining. This stone should be resealed after 10 to 15 years depending on how the countertop is used.

Marble has a natural patina and timeless classic look that makes it one of the most beautiful countertop materials. It has been used for many years and is popular because of its natural coolness which makes a countertop a good surface for rolling dough. Marble can be found easily in various sizes and can easily be fabricated into custom shapes.

However, one of the major disadvantages of marble is that it is porous and can absorb liquids that cause stains. Acids like vinegar, wine, tomato juice and lemon can eat away the polish and lead to discoloration of the stone. Marble is also susceptible to cracks and chips and also the most expensive natural stone on the market.

This natural stone looks like marble but wears like granite. The most popular variety, quartzite super white looks like heavily veined gray and white marble. However, it doesn’t share marble tendency to etch or stain and is similar to granite in that it can resist chips and scratches.

Quartz also is known as agglomerated quartz or manufactured quartz is increasingly becoming popular. In fact, it is closing the gap with granite as the most popular kitchen countertop material in the market.

This is due to the fact that quartz has lower maintenance costs. Manufactured quartz can be made to look like marble without the high cost and relatively poor durability. It can also be pigmented in any number of colors.

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Engineered granite
This kind of granite is a relative newcomer to the manufactured stone countertop market. As well as a standalone, it has found its way into mixtures with sand, quartz and other stone in several manufactured stone products.

Engineered marble
Santa Margherita Marble in Verona, Italy is the world leading manufacturers of manufactured marble surfaces. Here the engineered marbles are manufactured using the best Italian marbles in different sized flakes, chips, and grains to create dazzling manufactured marble surfaces in 30 different colors.

So, there you have it, the kinds of stone countertops to choose from. Natural and manufactured stone can make attractive, long-lasting countertops that you will be proud of. Most designers recommend you do a thorough research, compare the different options available before settling on a certain stone countertop.